Loss Control

Through our service company, Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc. (BSA) TAASIT offers an array of consulting services to help limit injuries to employees, which ultimately reduces workers’ compensation costs.

BSA’s loss control team is experienced in formulating and implementing loss control programs, ergonomic analysis programs and OSHA compliance. The TAASIT loss control program is structured to build or enhance programs already in effect.  Onsite training and assistance in establishing safety committees and incentive programs is offered in order to motivate employees to be safety conscious.

Loss Control Consultants will visit your dealership during the year and can provide the following services for you:

  •     On site surveys for hazard identification and work practice evaluations.
  •     Written reports with appropriate summary of activities, listing of hazards and loss problems with recommendations for improvement.
  •     Management Consultation to address specific problems.
  •     Extensive resources are available on request for training, including a video library.

Loss Control Resources Portal

BSA’s loss control team is also involved in post accident investigation. Our claims and loss control departments work closely to assure effective case management in controlling workers’ compensation costs. Assistance is also provided for job redesign for injured employees to enable them to return to work.  This not only reduces cost but also increases employee morale; studies have shown that the injured employee’s recovery rate increases if they are returned to work.